Why The X?

The word “womxn” is used in our work intentionally as a term of inclusion and expansion. We center that gender and it’s connection to identity is dynamic. Our space is for all Black womxn including but definitely not limited to: trans womxn, cis womxn, femme/feminine-identifying folx, gender fluid folx, gender non conforming folx, genderqueer folx, and non-binary folx. We affirm that Black womxnhood has no particular look and that anyone who identifies with the experience of Black womxnhood belongs here. In our space we are invested in freedom and are divesting from narratives that do not serve us. We strive to be intentional in not internalizing the work of the oppressor by enacting that oppression within our space. We use the term "Womxn" because we understand that we have nothing to lose but our chains and we realize that spaces deemed for “women” have been exclusionary and harmful. We acknowledge that everyone is not familiar with this language. However, this is no excuse for not being committed to expanding your education and absolutely not an excuse to deny transpersons their dignity. In this Black Womxn space, we do not tolerate disrespect/malice from cis folks. We strongly suggest that you do your own research and reflection around gender. We know that usage of a singular word is not the only way to move towards restoration, but this is our start.

-M4BWSD Committee