Our Demands

Through conversation at two town halls and follow-up planning meetings, Black women in San Diego have come up with the following demands:

  • Demand 1: Acknowledge and challenge centuries of abuses, that are still happening, including sexual violence, and reproductive violations against Black bodies, especially the brutalization of trans women, Black girls, ALL BLACK WOMXN.
  • Demand 2: Cease and desist all threats of incarceration, incidences of rape and sexual misconduct, police murder, violence against Black women, especially trans women and deportation of immigrant women across the country, especially those whose deportation may cost them their lives and safety
  • Demand 3: End the threat against the human right to healthcare and increase access, including reproductive healthcare, bar none!
  • Demand 4: Ensure economic justice for low-income women at the communal and federal level, many of whom are at increased risk of violence due to lack of economic power.