About Us

In 2017, Black Women in San Diego, led by Nyisha Green-Washington were inspired by Black Women's Blueprint National Call to Action to march and meet to lift up demands for racial justice, to denounce the propagation of state-violence and the widespread incarceration of Black women and girls, rape and all sexualized violence, the murders and brutalization of transwomen and the disappearances of our girls from our streets, our schools and our homes; to advocate for political change focused on intersectional women’s rights issues like poverty, affordable housing, reproductive rights, immigration protections and must center on the most vulnerable . We held our first town hall in September and had to hold another due to the demand by Black women to be in community with one another. At our second convening, we decided that we wanted to march to uplift our demands. In 2018, we held our first march and 100's attended. In 2019, Kelsey Daniels founded and organized a summit called Black Womxn Save My Life, to lift up, give healing and resources to Black Women facing racist healthcare treatment. The day after the summit, we marched again and even more people attended. M4BWSD will continue to march, organize and advocate until our demands our met.